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What Is Short Cycling?

Air Conditioning

When your air conditioner is running well you will enjoy a nicely cooled home. This is especially true when you run your air conditioner when it is well-maintained and it is operating efficiently. If your system isn’t working well though, it is going to impact your comfort and your energy bills.

One of the problems that you might encounter with your AC system if it has a problem that needs to be fixed is short cycling. Short cycling will hinder your system’s ability to cool your home and will require Kendall AC repair services. Short cycling should not be ignored! Make sure you reach out to us as soon as you notice this issue so we can get your AC unit working right again.

What is Short Cycling?

Short cycling is a term that refers to when your air conditioner produces shortened cooling cycles. This isn’t a sign that your AC unit is just cooling your home extremely quickly. Short cycling is actually an indicator that your system is having a problem that is hindering its ability to complete its cooling cycle which will negatively impact your home comfort.

Why is Short Cycling So Bad?

We gave you a brief idea of why short cycling is a bad thing–it hinders your comfort in your home. However, we want to dive a little deeper into why you should be quick to get a short cycling air conditioner fixed. This issue is one that can lead to some serious problems for your system.

Short cycling is extremely hard on your AC system to start with. It forces your unit to use extra energy, work harder for shorter periods, and overall operate for longer amounts of time before it is able to truly cool your home.

What this means is that your system uses more energy despite taking longer to cool things off. That’s bad for your bills and your air conditioner’s well-being.

Can Short Cycling Be Prevented?

Now that you know why short cycling is bad news, you may want to figure out if there is anything that you can do to prevent this issue from developing. Thankfully, there is.

Short cycling can be created by more than one problem in your air conditioner. For example, a dirty air filter can hinder airflow in your AC unit which can lead to short cycling. Likewise, low refrigerant levels will create this problem as well. So how do you prevent it?

Take a few simple and easy steps to help your AC out and try to circumvent the development of short cycling. Clean or change out your AC filter every one to three months to keep airflow steady. Schedule regular yearly maintenance to keep your evaporator coil clean and to catch refrigerant leaks before they seriously hinder your system’s job. And, of course, if your AC unit does start to short cycle, don’t delay those repairs! The sooner you get them taken care of the better.

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