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The Benefits of an Air On Demand Air Conditioning Unit

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When you have to purchase a new air conditioning unit, whether for a brand new install or to replace an old system, you want to make sure that your new one is worth your investment. After all, purchasing a cheaper unit that doesn’t work as well or is less energy efficient will simply ending up costing you more cash in the long run (but you already knew that).

The current problem you may be facing is which one to choose. There really are a lot of brands and types of air conditioners to select from and it can make a lot of consumers feel overloaded by the plethora of options.

We might be able to give you some clarity in this arena because we know the benefits that come with an Air On Demand American-made unit! If you would like to learn more about these units being offered by our Miami air conditioning company, read on (and, should the urge strike you, reach out to us to schedule an appointment for an installation).

What Benefits Come With an Air On Demand AC Unit?

There are several benefits that come with opting for one of our top-of-the-line air conditioning units. We want you to know about them to help you decide what you should look for in your next (or new) AC system.

  • Sizing That Fits Your Home. Whether you have a small home with small demands or a large home that needs an AC unit that can really deliver on those hot Miami days, we have an AC system that will work for you. With a wide range of options for sizing, you can rest assured that an Air On Demand unit can be found that will meet your cooling needs.
  • Great Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency is important when it comes to keeping your home cool because higher efficiency helps you save cash. That is why our systems all come with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of up to 19. This rating measures the ratio of a unit’s cooling output compared to how much energy it consumes so the higher the number is, the better!
  • Split or Packaged for Optimal Home Comfort. Not only are Air On Demand units able to fit whatever home cooling needs you have, but they can also be sold split or packaged to ensure you get the system you want.
  • Comes With a Lifetime Warranty. Yes, you read that right. The units that we offer come with a lifetime warranty so your AC system will be taken care of no matter what.

The units that we offer are a step above the rest. Even better, they are all American-Made meaning that when you opt to install an Air On Demand unit, you are supporting the good ol’ USA. If you are still having trouble deciding what system would be best for you, an Air On Demand air conditioning dealer will be happy to help you.

Schedule an appointment for an AC unit installation or replacement today. Air On Demand makes sure you have cool air whenever you need it.