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Why Won’t My Heater Turn On?

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We often have to tell homeowners to get their heater serviced sooner than they think they need it. If you notice any strange sounds or drop in performance, it’s easy to ignore at first, but the issue can get much worse with time. There’s one problem, though, that will send any homeowner rushing to the phone book (or an online directory) to find the nearest, fastest service: a broken-down heater.

We may not use our furnaces very often in Florida, but if you own a home with central heating, you expect it to work when you do need it. There could be a simple solution, but, of course, you might need professional service. Read on to find out the reasons your heater won’t turn on, whether you can fix it yourself, and what kinds of problems require professional service.

Tripped Circuit Breaker (or Blown Fuse)

It may simply be that the furnace has tripped the circuit breaker. Reset the furnace circuit breaker at the electrical panel or replace a blown fuse (if you have an older box). Keep in mind, however, that if the circuit breaker trips frequently, you likely have a bigger problem with the electrical components and wiring that requires expert repair.

Thermostat Troubles

Have you double-checked and triple-checked that the thermostat is set properly? It’s common for us to show up to repair a system, only to find the thermostat is still in cooling mode!

Broken Reversing Valve

If you own a heat pump (a heater and air conditioner in one), the reversing valve is responsible for ensuring heat can move into a home in the winter (not just out of the home in the summer). A broken reversing valve is a common heat pump repair, especially when the heat portion of a heat pump only gets occasional usage.

Safety Switches

If you own a furnace, safety switches within the unit ensure the furnace does not run if conditions are unsafe. A safety switch may keep your furnace from coming on due to a potential leak—or it may be malfunctioning and need replacement. This is one reason it’s important to call in technicians when you cannot solve the problem by adjusting the thermostat or resetting a circuit breaker.

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