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Does Your Air Conditioner Smell? Schedule This Service

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A lot of people never call an air conditioning technician unless an air conditioner
is completely broken down. But the little problems matter, and they affect your day-to-day life. You’re uncomfortable with a small hike in temperatures, and it could indicate a broken part that may wear down the system faster.

Another common problem you shouldn’t ignore? When there are odors coming from the vents or the air unit itself. This could indicate several issues, but most of them are easy to resolve—if you’re a trained technician. We’ll go over the causes of a smelly AC unit here, but call a technician for maintenance to keep your air conditioner clean and prevent this issue.   

What that Smell Might Be

There are a few different potential causes for an odor from your air conditioner. Take a look at our list so you can narrow down the reason your nose wrinkles when the AC starts up.

  • Mold and bacteria from the evaporator coil – The evaporator coil is something that should be cleaned regularly. It collects condensation, which drips out into a drain pan, but can also lead to the development of mold or bacteria.
  • Stagnant water in the drain pan – Water sitting around in the drain pan can be another reason the room smells musty when you turn on the AC. This water could eventually back up into the home, causing severe water damage, so be sure to have it cleaned regularly.
  • Animals in the ducts – An animal, unfortunately, could make its way into the ducts and may be the reason for a rotting smell from the vents. If it smells at all like a gas leak, be sure to leave the home immediately.
  • A broken fan belt – Smell something burning? Otherwise, a fan belt that’s not properly aligned could be grinding against the motor. Replacing a fan belt doesn’t cost too much.

A skilled technician can repair an AC that smells, or provide a replacement if necessary. But the best way to prevent a smelly AC is with preventative maintenance from a trained technician.

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

Air conditioners should receive a tune-up about once a year or more, especially in a climate where air conditioners are used year-round! Your air conditioner will wear down with the years, and a tune-up can slow down this wear and tear. Technicians will take several steps to improve the efficiency and performance of your system, including the following:

  • Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils.
  • Cleaning the drain pan.
  • Lubricating motors.
  • Inspecting electrical connections.

All of this can help to drive down the cost of running your air conditioning system each month. A technician may be able to tune-up some problems on the spot or they may have to reschedule a repair for a later date. But after all is said and done, your air conditioner will be in better condition. Prevent odors and air conditioner breakdowns by calling an experienced technician today!

For maintenance or AC repair in Miami, FL, call Air On Demand. We’re here to help!