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How to Prevent Major Air Conditioning Repair

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If you’ve ever had to make major repairs for any part of your home, from the pipes to the roof to the heater, you know that it’s something you don’t want to go through again. There’s all of the money you have to spend, of course. And in our area, major repairs for an air conditioner means you have to go without a summertime essential.

Air conditioners should be protected from potential repair needs as much as is possible. Of course, when you do need AC repair, you should call in a professional at the first signs. But today, we want to give some advice on how to prevent this.

Change the filter and keep up with maintenance

Changing the filter is more important to routine air conditioning maintenance than you may expect. When a filter gets too clogged up with dirt and debris, it is more difficult for air to flow throughout your system and throughout your home.

Your air conditioner was specifically sized for a set amount of airflow, so any drop in volume could mean major trouble for the mechanical components. When filters go unchanged for too long, coils freeze, motors become overworked, and you pay a lot more than you would for a new filter.

You should be changing your air filter each month. You should also schedule professional AC maintenance with an experienced technician once a year! That way, you get a complete tune-up that helps you save money and prevents repairs.

Don’t forget to turn it off or raise the temperature

One way for an air conditioner to require repairs faster is if you have the system running nearly nonstop. You must keep the air conditioner running at an efficient temperature if you expect it to live up to its projected lifespan without needing major repairs. Here are our recommendations:

  • Don’t set the thermostat too low; this will only waste energy and wear down the system! Many people are perfectly comfortable at about 78°F.
  • Turn the temperature up by 5-10° when you leave the home.
  • Program the thermostat to reset to your preferences 20 minutes before you plan to arrive home, or get a smart thermostat so you can make these changes from your phone.

Know when it’s time to replace

You can prevent major AC repair by knowing when it’s time to replace the system. The worst time to find out you need a new air conditioner—or a repair that will cost nearly as much—is after the system has already broken down and you’ve had to call in an expert for professional repairs at an inconvenient hour.

An air conditioner typically needs replacement at around 10-15 years, once you notice it’s not performing so well any more.

Only use professionals any time you need service

Finally, any time your air conditioning system needs service, be sure you have qualified professionals on the job. If you use a handyman for the service, or try to do a DIY repair or maintenance, you may simply require additional repairs later on.

When you need air conditioning repair in Coconut Grove, FL, contact Air On Demand.