Save Money on Air Conditioning by Stopping this Habit

When you’ve been outside for a prolonged period, or when the outside air is hot, humid, and gloomy, you look forward to an air conditioned home. You may even hope that your home is like an icebox when you arrive. So you set the temperature to an extremely low one, perhaps as low as your thermostat can go, the moment you get home.

But there are many problems with this common habit. Setting the thermostat too low can really affect your budget and your air conditioner in the long run. Here’s why we think you should quit setting your thermostat very low when it’s hot outside and start planning ahead with a quality thermostat.

Your Air Conditioner Cools at One Speed

Setting the temperature very low is not going to help it cool your home any faster. Your AC system really only cools at one speed. If it’s 83°, and you set the thermostat to 65°, it will just cool the home beyond a comfortable setting. Most people are still comfortable with a temperature of about 78° and you’re not doing your system or your bills any favors.

The System Was Not Designed for a Continuous Cycle

Your air conditioner was not meant to run non-stop. Typically, it cycles on when the temperature goes above a certain point and then shuts off when it reaches a target range. If your air conditioner is running all the time, you’re setting the AC too low, quickly wearing out the system and making it so that your monthly energy bills are much higher than they need to be.

Get a Programmable Thermostat and Learn How to Use It

Many people with programmable thermostats still aren’t sure how to use them effectively. It’s time to break out the manual, or call in a technician for help if you really need it. Schedule your thermostat ahead of time to turn off the AC or raise the temperature by 5-10° when you’re away. And have it reset to about 78°, or not much lower than this, about 20 minutes before you plan to arrive home.

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