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Air Conditioning Issues That Lead to Compressor Damage


Many experts describe the compressor as the “heart” of the AC, as this is the part responsible for pumping refrigerant (perhaps best described as the life-blood of the AC). Without a compressor, your air conditioner could not run, and replacing a compressor is no simple task. In fact, if it is time to replace the compressor, you often have to replace the entire outside unit—which comes with quite a price tag.

Knowing more about the problems that lead to compressor damage may help you to protect your compressor and delay the need for AC replacement. Learn more about what can cause compressor issues in our guide, and schedule air conditioning maintenance once a year to protect the system.

  • Low Refrigerant – Your AC compressor is designed to take in a certain amount of refrigerant. Refrigerant gains pressure so that it can release heat at the condenser and move on to the rest of the system. A professional can detect a lack of refrigerant during a maintenance visit.
  • Electrical Problems – Similarly, a maintenance technician will check electrical connections and let you know if there are any electrical problems that require repair, as these could also lead to trouble with the compressor.
  • Frequent Use – If you turn your air conditioner on and off too frequently, you actually use up a lot more energy than you do leaving the thermostat at a set temperature. Keep your compressor from becoming overworked by leaving the thermostat at an efficient temperature.
  • Old Age – One final reason that a compressor fails is that it is simply too old to go on. In this case, replacing the AC is usually the best bet. However, this may be good news. A new air conditioner will run more efficiently and may save you hundreds of dollars a year on cooling costs.

Trust the technicians at Air On Demand for your next air conditioning repair visit in Miami, FL, or to schedule air conditioning maintenance to protect your unit.