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What to Check Before Calling for Air Conditioning Repair


Professional air conditioning technicians get years of continual training before they are able to diagnose and repair air conditioning issues properly. Most problems with your air conditioner should be checked out by a technician, but there are a few things you might want to check on before making the call.

Air Filter

The air filter stops debris from moving into the air conditioner and damaging it, but a clogged filter stops air from coming into the system as well. If your AC appears to be suffering (especially if you notice that the inside has frozen) changing a dirty filter may help. Wait a few hours before testing the system again, and turn it back off again if it continues to struggle so you don’t wear down the parts any more.


Okay, we know this one seems obvious. The thermostat was probably the first thing you checked when your air conditioner stopped working. But some programmable thermostats have a lot of different settings, and it’s possible that a guest or a child accidentally changed your settings without you realizing it. Make sure it’s set to “cooling mode” and try lowering the temperature a couple of degrees.


Closed vents don’t actually help your air conditioner cool the rest of the rooms any faster. Even though the vents are adjustable, you should always keep every vent in the home open, even if one of the rooms is unoccupied. Blocked vents change the pressure in the ducts, which forces your air conditioner to work overtime and can wear down the parts. If parts are already suffering, you should call a technician to take a look.

Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner is tripping your circuit breaker, you can just reset the circuit breaker for now. But if this keeps happening, you should definitely have a technician check out the problem. The electrical components may be using a lot more energy than usual, raising your monthly bills.

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