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What Can You Do to Prevent Air Conditioning Repair?


If you’ve ever been stuck without air conditioning on a hot summer day, you know that this is never an ideal situation. You’re left looking for a reputable AC company to come out during the busiest season while you search for ways to keep cool. Why not take steps today to prevent AC repair later on? Using your air conditioning system efficiently, changing the air filter regularly, and scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance service with an HVAC professional can all help to keep your air conditioning system in top shape for the cooling season.

Use Your Thermostat Efficiently or Consider a New One

If your air conditioning system runs for long periods of time or if it frequently turns on and off, the parts can wear down quickly, which means it is a lot more likely that you will need repairs this summer. That’s why we recommend keeping the thermostat at the highest temperature you can handle, and using the programming settings to raise the temperature while you are away. Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Consider making the switch!

Change the Air Filter Every Month

The air filter not only helps to keep contaminants out of the air that you breathe, but also prevents particles from entering your air handler and damaging it. A dirty filter, however, will not do your air handler any favors. When it is clogged, you won’t get enough airflow into the unit, which may lead to issues such as a frozen coil or an overworked blower fan motor.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

AC maintenance involves cleaning and adjusting some of the key components that often wear down as the year goes on. The outside coil, for example, can easily gather dust and become bent out of shape, which prevents it from effectively allowing heat to dissipate into the air. Air conditioning maintenance helps to keep your unit at its peak efficiency, so that it’s unlikely that you’ll need any repairs this season. But if there is a part in need of repair, a technician will let you know, so you can seek services ASAP.

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