The Compressor and Air Conditioning Repair

It is never good news when one of the components in your home’s air conditioning system starts to fail or malfunction: no matter what is wrong with the AC, you need to have swift and skilled repair work done to fix it, or else the cooling system could suffer a full breakdown—or at the very least start costing more to run.

However, some components are more worrisome than others should they begin to show signs they need repairs. Perhaps the most vital mechanism in your air conditioner is the compressor; this component is at the center of the heat exchange process that allows the AC to cool down your home, and should it fail it can sometimes mean needing to replace the entire system. Keep a close watch for the signs below that could indicate the compressor is in trouble.

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Signs of a Compressor That Is Going Bad

  • Hard starting: When the compressor in the outdoor unit comes on, does it stutter and make the cabinet shake? That means the compressor is encountering difficulty starting, a condition known as “hard starting.” There are different possible causes for hard starting, but it often means that the compressor has become “tight” and its mechanical motion restricted. This may eventually lead to the compressor freezing in place, which will bring about an end to your air conditioner’s cooling ability. Always call for repairs right away when hard starting becomes noticeable.
  • Short cycling: The term “short cycling” refers to times when the compressor’s cooling cycle is cut off early and the compressor shuts down before it should…only to come back on a short time later and start the process over. Whatever is causing the short cycling (poorly-sized AC, frost along the coils, miscalibrated thermostat, etc.) it needs to be fixed soon because it will put immense strain on the compressor and possibly cause it to overheat.
  • Loss of cooling: Because the compressor is responsible for powering the heat exchange cycle that allows the AC to provide cooling, a drop in the air conditioner’s performance often warns that something has gone wrong with the compressor. Since any drop in cooling is a bad sign (and will make your home uncomfortable), you should call right away for technicians to investigate and see what might be the matter.

One of the best ways to avoid compressor troubles is with regular preventive maintenance that will see that the component isn’t suffering from increased stress or repair needs. Air On Demand offers an excellent maintenance plan that includes a 20% discount on all repairs and 5% on new equipment (on certain plans). Contact us today to find out more about how you can reduce your need for air conditioning repair in Palmetto Bay, FL.

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