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Is Bigger Better When It Comes to Pool Heaters?


*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

A pool heater can extend the pool season for your home: you will get much more use from your recreational pool during the year with the right heating system keeping it warm through the cooler months. When you call Air On Demand for pool heater service, we will make the effort to see that you have a comfortable pool your family and guests can enjoy around the year. We offer many services for pool heaters in Miami, FL, including installation work that will ensure a system that works at peak efficiency.

The Tricky Business of Sizing a Pool Heater

One of the important parts of putting in a pool heater is making sure it is the correct size to maintain the comfortable temperature you want. For most people, the ideal warmth for a pool is between 84° and 86°F. The main obstacle with heating a pool is not the volume of water in the pool, but the amount of heat loss through evaporative cooling that occurs across the service. The job of the pool heater is to replace the heat loss that occurs across the surface, and so the surface size of the pool and the average outdoor temperature are the most crucial factors that a professional installer needs to consider. Average wind levels are also important, since wind increases the amount of evaporative cooling.

In cases of heating the interior of a home, HVAC installers must find a heating system (furnace, boiler, heat pump, etc.) that provides sufficient heat for comfort, but not too much that the system will start to short-cycle, i.e. turn itself off prematurely because it raised the indoor temperature too fast. The same isn’t true of pool heaters, however. A pool heater can be undersized: if it cannot replace the heat lost through evaporative cooling, the pool’s temperature will fall below the ideal. However, there is no such thing as oversizing a pool heater. The larger the heater’s output, the faster it heats the water in the pool, and it will not begin short-cycling.

Nonetheless, although a larger pool heater doesn’t pose the same problems that an oversized indoor heater does, it will cost you more money to install a larger heating system. You want to have your pool heater land in the right zone for comfort and your budget plans. This is why professional installers are key. They will make the measurements necessary to determine the minimum BTU output to reach the 84–86° range based on surface area and rate of heat loss, and then help you decide on the efficiency, fuel type, and size of heating system that meets your budget.

If you are ready to elongate the swimming season at your home, call Air On Demand today and speak to our experts on pool heaters in Miami, FL. We handle everything necessary for a swimming pool you can enjoy day or night, around the year.