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Can Severe Weather in Miami Disrupt My Air Conditioning?


Severe weather is a fact of life in Miami, and your air conditioning system needs to be able to roll with those punches. In most cases, your air conditioning unit can handle rain, wind and other signs of inclement weather. But that doesn’t mean that severe weather can’t disrupt your air conditioning system. Lightning strikes are attracted to metal and can hit your outdoor unit, overloading the circuits if it’s running. Wind and rain can knock debris into it, or clog the vents with leaves and other detritus. Water can flood the interior and damager various internal components. You can help prevent any long-term damage to your unit by exercising a few simple steps before and after the inclement weather hits.

If you know a storm is coming, turn off your air conditioning. That can help keep its components safe from power surges and spare you the cost of an overload. However, this will not protect your unit from a direct lightning strike. It is also a good idea to unplug any sensitive electrical devices from the outlets, such as your TV or computer.

While the storm is going on, take steps to keep any heat and humidity at bay. Turn on any fans in the house and try to stay downstairs if you can (warm air rises). When the storm passes, wait at least thirty minutes to an hour before turning the air conditioning back on. First, check the breakers in your breaker box to see if it’s tripped, then check the breaker unit on the air conditioning itself. Clear any detritus or debris away from the outdoor unit. If there appears to be damage or the air conditioning system isn’t operating the way it should, contact a service tech to help you assess the damage and instigate any repairs.

Air On Demand handles air conditioning issues in Miami, and has considerable experience dealing with damage from severe weather. Keep us in mind when storm clouds gather and contact us afterwards to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly the way it should.