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Special Heating Considerations in Miami


Miami is not a place where you would expect many people to be concerned about their heating system. With so much hot weather, it’s something that we can easily forget…until we need it. At Air On Demand, we specialize in making our customers comfortable—even on those few nights when we need to turn on our heaters in Miami. We put together some of the unique considerations that go into heating your home here in Miami.

Which Heating System is Best?

This is probably the main consideration for homes in Miami. Because we don’t need heating that often, it’s hard to figure out which heating system would be best suited for that kind of application. Here are some of the common heating systems that we see people using in the Miami area.

  • Electric Heating Strips – Electric heat strips consist of a series of coils that produce heat almost exactly like your toaster does. They can be plugged into the air handler of your air conditioner. When needed, the fan for your AC is turned on and the coils heat up and heat the air as it passes over them. There are two main advantages of this system: first, it doesn’t require any new equipment and second, it is a pretty simple and reliable system.
  • Heat Pumps – Heat pumps are a great option for Miami because they can both cool and heat your home. You don’t need to do anything else. You just switch the system to Heat.
  • Furnaces – Obviously, furnaces are a stand-alone system. They are durable and reliable heating systems that provide consistent heating to your home.

If you have any questions about your heating system in Miami, talk to the heating experts at Air On Demand. We have years of experience working with heating systems in Miami. We can help you work out any kinks that are in your heating system and make sure that you stay comfortable all year long.