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Miami Air Conditioning Tip: Why Ducts are Important to AC Efficiency


Duct systems are one of the key elements to many central air conditioning systems in Miami. They play a vital role in maintaining AC efficiency. Air On Demand works with both air ducts and complete air conditioning systems and can help you understand why ducts are important to AC efficiency.

The Importance of Ducts to Air Conditioner Efficiency

Our air conditioning systems can use as much as half of our monthly energy usage, so addressing all aspects of these highly used systems is important to our budget and to our comfort indoors.

Care for an air conditioning system includes scheduling routine maintenance, using programmable thermostats when possible, changing or cleaning air filters on a regular basis, using high-efficiency air conditioners, and having a fully functioning ductwork system that operates as efficiently as possible.

The condition of the air duct system contributes to overall efficiency of the air conditioning system. If not properly maintained, they can cause air leaks through cracks, holes, or places where the joints have shifted or become disjointed. These leaks send air into unused spaces, which wastes the energy used to create it. When not properly cared for, ductwork can be a big energy waster, reducing the overall air conditioning system’s efficiency by as much as 20%.

With proper duct system maintenance, air duct leaks will be identified, and resolved by having the ducts sealed, repaired or replaced, and the entire system brought back up to par with how it was originally designed. Ensuring that your duct system is working properly will bring your AC efficiency back up to normal levels, allowing you to save money while using your air conditioning system, rather than wasting money on air sent to unused spaces.

Air On Demand is a professional air conditioning company that supplies quality air conditioning services in Miami Florida. Contact Air On Demand and be confident that your ductwork system is properly sealed and works as efficiently as possible.