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Indoor Air Quality Services in Palmetto Bay & Cutler Bay, FL

Air quality is a serious issue for millions of homeowners throughout the Miami–Dade county area. Because of the warm temperatures here, most homes are sealed up tightly to avoid cooling loss. While this reduces electricity bills, it increases the volume of indoor air pollutants, ranging from dust and dander to mold and bacteria.

Miami indoor air quality upgrades like filters, air cleaners and purifiers and UV lights reduce the health risks from these pollutants and keep your family healthy. If you are concerned about your home’s indoor air quality or would like to discuss your options with an area expert, contact Air On Demand today. Give us a call to request an estimate on indoor air quality solutions and service in Miami, FL and the surrounding area.

Air Filtration Concerns in Miami

Air quality issues can develop when your home is tightly sealed to prevent cooling loss. High R–value insulation along with weather stripping and a well–maintained ventilation system mean very little inside air can escape the building.

Most of the pollutants that build up inside are normal. They include things like pet dander, dust, pollen, and cooking gasses. Every home has them and they won’t cause health problems unless concentrations get high enough. But because of the lack of ventilation, concentrations do get high enough – sometimes up to 100 times higher than the pollutants in outdoor air.

It is when then this happens that homeowners and their families start to suffer from longer, more severe side effects. Miami indoor air quality is a very serious issue but the negative effects of poor air quality can be prevented with air filtration measures provided by our trained technicians.


Miami Indoor Air Quality Measures

There are many types of indoor air quality devices that will reduce the presence of pollutants without diminishing the efficiency of your air conditioner. We highly recommend integrating an air filter and air cleaner that matches the AC and air handling system you already have. Air on Demand brand air cleaners are very good for this reason.

In addition to air filtration and cleaning to remove larger particles like dust and pollen, we recommend a sterilization system like the The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier. This device produces ionic air scrubbers that "actively" seek out and destroy pollutants throughout the home. It even works on surfaces!

A combination of a high quality air cleaner and a sterilization system like that offered by Dust Free® will ensure your family stays comfortable and healthy year round.

Attic Insulation Done by the Professionals

Indoor air quality can also pertain to how well you’re keeping your air inside the home. Without proper attic insulation, it can go both ways: warm air can escape during the cold months, and warm air can enter during the hot months. Maintaining the balance—combined with air filtration and purification methods—is key to fostering consistent levels of indoor air quality. It also has the added bonus of increasing your overall energy efficiency. There are many types of insulation available, and the amount needed to properly insulate a home depends on its age, size, and other factors. Our trained technicians have years of experience insulating attics.

Miami indoor air quality doesn’t need to be a major concern in your home. Just make sure that when you take action, you call the company trusted by more homeowners in the Miami area than anyone else, Air on Demand. Our commitment to the comfort and satisfaction of our customers is second to none so you know your indoor air quality issues won’t persist.

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