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The Difference That Attic Insulation Makes

Technician rolling out attic insulation

Insulation, by default, is something that you really aren’t ever going to see. You probably never want to see it either because, in most cases, it means you’d need to open up a wall or access a less enjoyable part of your home to set eyes on it. However, while insulation may not always be visible, this substance is always at work helping your home comfort.

If you need help with the comfort in your home, then it may be time to look at your home insulation. Today, we are discussing the importance and impact of your attic insulation in Pinecrest, FL.

How Insulation Helps Your Comfort

Insulation may not have any moving parts but it does play an important role in your home. Insulation acts as a thermal barrier in the house. The insulation in your walls helps prevent the uncomfortable outside air from getting indoors, and vice versa. Likewise, the insulation in your attic helps keep heat from outside the home where it belongs, outside the home!

This helps keep the home more comfortable for longer periods of time and can even help with your home’s indoor air quality.

How to Tell Your Attic Insulation Is Wearing Out

While insulation, as we mentioned, doesn’t have any moving parts, it can still wear out over the years. This happens simply due to the impact of weather and humidity over the years. But since it isn’t easily visible, how can you tell that your insulation is starting to break down? You can start by looking for these warning signs:

  • Hold and cold spots throughout the house: Worn-out insulation will allow outside air to more easily penetrate your home, causing hot or cold spots.
  • The increased cost of energy bills: The easier that air escapes your home, the more often your HVAC system is going to have to run to keep the indoor temperature under control. This leads to increased energy usage and, by default, increased energy bills.
  • Reduced air quality: Poor insulation doesn’t just let the temperature from the outside air impact your home, it also allows more humidity and airborne debris to enter the house. This reduces your air quality and can increase your struggles with allergies or respiratory issues.

Our Team Is Here to Help

Insulation isn’t something that you should try to handle yourself. A lot can go wrong if you get the wrong type of insulation for your home or install it incorrectly. What’s more, you need the appropriate safety equipment when handling insulation to ensure that you don’t inhale fibers that could negatively impact your health.

Rather than stressing over insulation types and tools, you can reach out to the team at Air On Demand to get things taken care of. We know how to assess your insulation and get it either repaired or replaced. With our help, you can rest assured that your home’s insulation is in professional hands and, along with it, your overall comfort too.

Contact the experts at Air On Demand to get started.