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Why Does My Pool Heater Need Refrigerant? A Miami Pool Heater Question


*Air On Demand no longer offers pool heater services. Please visit our service page to learn more about our Florida air conditioning services.

One of the benefits of living in Miami is that we get to enjoy a lot of warm weather. If you have a pool, you likely want to enjoy it as often as possible. During the winter, your pool heater works hard to keep the water warm. Having an understanding of how your pool heater works is a great way to be able to recognize problems when they start to develop. A great place to start is with a quick discussion of how your pool heater uses Refrigerant.

How a Gas-Fired Pool Heater Works

Pool heaters work very similarly to the heating systems in your home: instead of heating water they heat air. With a gas-fired pool heater, the flame heats up a series of copper coils. Cool water from the pool is pulled into the heating system and passed through coils. The hot water is then recirculated back into the pool.

How a Heat Pump Pool Heater Works

Obviously, gas-fired pool heaters don’t use Refrigerant. However, heat pumps do. Instead of burning gas to create heat, heat pumps are able to move heat from one place to another. Heat pumps use a refrigerant to absorb heat from the outside air and move it into your pool water. A fan blows warm outside air over a series of coils that are filled with Refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and carries it into another series of coils. Water is passed over the hot coils where they absorb heat. The new warmer water is then pumped back into the pool.

If you need pool heater repairs in Miami, call Air On Demand. We can send one of our expert technicians to your home to quickly repair any problems.