Miami, FL Air Conditioning Repair: Signs of an Evaporator Coil Problem

Modern air conditioners have come a long way in efficiency, design and durability. There has been a lot of innovation over the years that allows us to keep our homes cool more effectively and reliably than ever before. Even the best air conditioners from the most trusted manufacturers in the business, though, are still mechanical systems. Like all mechanical systems, your air conditioner might eventually experience some sort of operational problem. When this happens, the Miami, FL air conditioning repair professionals at Air On Demand can help. Contact us the moment that you suspect a problem with your air conditioning system. One common issue is a problem with your evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system absorbs heat, and that cooled air is then circulated throughout your home. Because of this integral function, a problem with your evaporator coil can lead to a number of different problems. If your evaporator coil is dirty then you can expect a general decline in the performance of your air conditioning system. This is not a serious problem, so long as it is addressed as soon as possible. The longer you force your air conditioning system to operate with a dirty evaporator coil, the greater the risk of more serious damage to your system.

It is also possible for your evaporator coil to freeze. There are a number of different causes of this problem. It can be due to a dirty coil or blocked return grills, among other causes. An indicator of this problem is a low refrigerant charge. Contact a professional Miami, FL air conditioning repair technician to have this issue resolved as soon as you suspect a problem. Again, the longer your air conditioner is forced to work in this condition, the more likely you are to incur further system damages.

To learn more about your evaporator coil or to have yours repaired, call Air On Demand today. Our air conditioning repair technicians are here to help you keep your home comfortable throughout the cooling season. We have the skills and training necessary to handle any air conditioning repair you may need.

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