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What Happens If You Skip AC Maintenance?

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We talk about the importance of getting regular AC tune-ups each year on a regular basis. We want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to learn how helpful this service is. With this said though we understand if a lot of people are still questioning if this service is truly worthwhile. Can you skip it for just one year, maybe two, and get alright?

While skipping air conditioning maintenance in Pinecrest, FL isn’t going to set you up for an immediate breakdown, there are problems that will pop up because of it. Below we want to explain what the impact of skipped maintenance can be so you know exactly what the risk is that you might be taking…and why it is better to get that tune-up each year.

The Consequences of Skipped Maintenance

If you are considering skipping system maintenance this year, we want you to understand fully the risks that you may be facing as a result.

Reduced energy efficiency

Each year that your air conditioner goes without maintenance it can lose up to 5% of its energy efficiency. That means that each year you run it without getting it a tune-up, the system becomes increasingly inefficient and, by default, more expensive to run.

Minimized system lifespan

An air conditioner that isn’t maintained won’t break down overnight. However, it is more likely to need replacement much sooner than it would otherwise. Without maintenance, you are likely to need an AC replacement after only 10 years of use.

Reduced effectiveness

Another issue that can arise from skipped tune-ups for a year or more can be that your air conditioner is less effective at cooling your home. This is because small problems like dirt build-up, loss of lubrication, and overall wear and tear are allowed to accrue for longer and worsen as a result, undermining the cooling process.

Increased repair risk

Increased strain on your AC can result from skipping maintenance which can increase the chances that you need repairs more frequently. Without maintenance, you can end up needing repairs on a nearly yearly basis. In contrast, a well-maintained system can avoid up to 85% of the repairs that it could need otherwise.

Possible voided warranty

A good number of air conditioners actually require regular maintenance to keep their warranty intact. That means that the choice to skip an air conditioner tune-up for even one year can present the risk of voiding your system warranty. This may not present an immediate problem but it can sting pretty badly if you need a repair in the near future that you now have to pay out of pocket for.

As you can see, while maintenance does take time and money, it is well worth both of these resources. This is because maintenance is going to benefit you far more in the longer run, and will even help you save money too.

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