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Do You Hear That? You May Need AC Repairs!

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In a place like Miami, it is vital to have an AC that works properly. And to do that, you are going to want to be on the ball in terms of getting your AC the maintenance and repairs it needs. To get your AC prompt service, you need to know what the signs are that it is in need of some help.

One of the different ways that you can determine whether your air conditioner needs help is when it starts to make concerning noises. Let’s discuss some of the different noises a system might make when it needs air conditioner repair in Miami.

7 Sounds Your AC Shouldn’t Make

Hearing something strange from your cooling system? If you notice these noises, it is time to schedule your repairs with an expert technician.


When your air conditioner starts to rattle it means that there is a part starting to loosen within your system. Whether it is a bolt, screw, or another part, you’ll want a technician to address the source of the sound before it worsens.


This is the sound that follows a rattling noise that went on for too long. Now the loose part is free to bounce around in your AC unit. Get this addressed quickly before it causes major damage.


Hissing can indicate more than one problem. The easiest solution that you may need is a new air filter in order to reduce hissing caused by air forcing its way through a layer of debris. Beyond this, you’ll need a technician to address the core cause. This is because, in other cases, hissing may indicate a refrigerant leak or a leak in your ductwork.


If you notice a bubbling noise in your AC, it is another likely indicator of a refrigerant leak. That bubbling sound is created by air infiltrating your liquid refrigerant supply.

Another potential cause of that bubbling noise may be a clogged condensate drain which one of our technicians is also happy to handle.


A screeching sound indicates that, somewhere in your system, metal is scraping against metal. This may be caused by a loose fan blade or by a dry blower motor belt or even dry bearings. When you hear this noise, make sure to reach out to our team before things get worse.


A buzzing noise is likely caused by an electrical problem in your air conditioner. Buzzing or humming may mean you have loose or frayed wires in your system.


Last but certainly not least, don’t brush off a silent air conditioner. These systems aren’t operating at a whole new level of quiet. What a silent AC is doing is nothing at all! Silence means no operation whatsoever. If your air conditioner isn’t working at all, you can count on our team to either repair it or get you started with a system replacement.

The only sound you should really hear from your air conditioner is the sound of the whoosh of cool air. Anything beyond that should prompt a call to professionals like us.

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