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3 Signs You Need an AC Replacement

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Uh-oh. The heat is really starting to creep into your home. While this is nothing that you haven’t dealt with on a hot summer day, it is problematic because your air conditioner is supposed to be running at full blast right now. So why isn’t it working and keeping your home cool?

We know it is the last thing that people in this area want to hear, but there is a chance that you might need an air conditioner replacement in Miami. However, if this is the situation to deal with, we strongly advise getting the process started now!

Let’s talk about the warning signs that you may need a new AC so you can get your replacement taken care of ASAP.

3 Indicators You Need a New AC

Wondering if you need to get your air conditioner replaced? You don’t want to bother paying for a system that won’t work anymore. Here’s how to tell that you need a new system.

You Need Frequent Repairs for Your System

Even if you’ve gotten maintenance for your system each year, you will still need repairs now and then. The issue arises when you need repairs as often as you need maintenance. When your air conditioner encounters repair needs once a year or more, then this system is really struggling to get by and you are better off upgrading your system.

Air Conditioner Repairs Have Gotten Too Expensive

Another warning sign of an air conditioner on its last leg is when it encounters a repair need that is far too expensive. When you encounter a repair bill that is egregiously pricey, it is a good idea to do a price comparison with the price of a new system. Could the money for the repair be used to pay for half or more of a new system? If so, then your money is better used for that system replacement.

Your System Is Too Old

Lastly, make sure to talk to a professional if your air conditioner is getting too old. While your system may still be functioning, if your system is 15+ years old, it won’t be as effective or as efficient as a more up-to-date system. Newer air conditioners will be better able to cool your home in an efficient manner, meaning that you’ll enjoy more comfort without a higher monthly energy bill.

Schedule Today to Combat System Delays

If it is looking as if you need a new air conditioner, the sooner you get this job started the better. Supply chain delays have added to the amount of time it may take to get a new system so the earlier you start this process, the more likely you are to get that new AC before your current one fully breaks down. Just make sure to work with a professional technician to get your AC replaced correctly.

Need a new air conditioner? Schedule your installation with Air On Demand to get the job done right.