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Do You Want to Go Ductless?


This is a question that anyone in the Miami area may want to ask themselves at least once. Whether you have a home with ductwork or not, you can always consider the installation of a ductless system. You can even add a ductless system to assist a ducted system if your home has imbalanced cooling!

But let’s back up. If you haven’t considered opting into a ductless AC system in your home before now, you might now know what the benefits of this kind of system are. So let’s start there so you can make an informed decision about whether or not this system is right for your home.

How Does A Ductless System Work?

Ductless HVAC systems in Miami can be a great addition to any home. These systems are set up to provide great comfort throughout your house through the use of a combination of one outdoor unit that is connected to a number of air handlers. These components are connected by conduits that handle the flow of refrigerant and disposal of condensation.

With this set-up, a ductless system can be, well, ductless! This makes them helpful for older homes or smaller homes that don’t have the ability to handle ductwork. It can also make them a great addition to homes with ductwork but that is a topic we will address below.

The Main Perks of Going Ductless

So why install a ductless system in your home? It is because these systems can provide you with some incredible benefits which include:

  1. The ability to customize your comfort: The air handlers that make up a ductless unit are going to be able to be run individually or in tandem. If you want uniform temperatures throughout the home or you want to cool one part of the home, you can.
  2. Great energy efficiency: Ductless systems are going to help you save on your energy usage too. They need less energy to get the job done, especially if you use one air handler at a time.
  3. Quiet operation and saved space: Ductless systems have a more compact setup than most of their ducted counterparts. This means they take up far less space around your home and they tend to produce fewer decibels of noise during operation.
  4. No need for ducts: It’s in the name! Ductless HVAC units don’t need ductwork to get the job done. That makes them ideal for small homes, like a studio, or older homes that cannot use ductwork. Ditch the window unit and get quality comfort instead.

Can You Combine a Ductless and a Ducted System?

A bit earlier we mentioned that, even if you have a ducted system you plan to keep, you can choose to add a ductless air handler to your home. This is true! There are homes around the country that struggle with uneven cooling. Maybe it is the floor plan of your home that is problematic or perhaps you have a new addition to your home that you’d just rather not outfit with ductwork. These are instances when adding a ductless unit can be a great decision!

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