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Come to Us When Your AC Acts Up


It is less than enjoyable to discover your air conditioner is acting up. When it happens,  you may need to start shifting around tasks and adjusting your schedule to find room to get those Homestead air conditioning repairs knocked out. Having an air conditioner that is encountering trouble is already a big enough hassle. Why not come to a team that makes repairs as easy and stress-free as possible?

When your air conditioner acts up, the best thing to do is to reach out to a  professional to get those repairs done. A pro will be able to find the source of the issue and address it head-on. Here’s how to tell you should make a call for expert assistance:

5 Signs You Should Reach Out to Us For Repairs

Here are the indicators that you should look for that will tell you when you should schedule AC repairs with a team like ours:

  1. You hear uncommon noises: When you run your air conditioner you shouldn’t hear much noise other than the whoosh of air. If you end up hearing sounds that concern you such as screeching, hissing, clanging, or rattling then it is worthwhile to have a professional check things out.
  2. You see signs of a leak: Your air conditioner doesn’t utilize water to do its job. That means if you notice it leaking water, it should be an alert to a problem within the system such as a refrigerant line leak or a condensate drain clog.
  3. You notice weak airflow: How strong is the flow of air coming from the vents in your home? If you notice that your airflow has gotten weaker it may be a problem with your system fan or even a ductwork issue.
  4. Your system is producing warm air: Another indicator that you have an AC in trouble is that your system is pushing out warm air instead of cool air. This could be due to multiple issues within your system but ultimately the main thing to note is that it requires professional service.
  5. Your energy bills are too high.  Have you noticed that your energy bills seem to be reflecting twice the amount of energy use that you are actually using? That isn’t normal and it is more than likely a sign your system is having problems.

Why Schedule Repairs with Air On Demand?

So, you are pretty sure that you need a repair for your air conditioning system. But why come to us? You can schedule your repairs with our team because we are experts in our field who are proud to work with just about any AC system out there. We have served homes throughout the Homestead area for more than 20 years and we are proud to say we are known for our top-quality work.

When you come to Air On Demand for your repairs you’ll always receive expert service that works to identify and address the core issue in your system. We won’t rest until your comfort is exactly where it needs to be.

Schedule your AC repairs with Air On Demand today.