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4 Things Your Energy Bills Can Tell You

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Have you ever looked over your energy bills and noticed that you can learn more information from them? We aren’t just talking about discovering how much your bill was last month. Comparing your energy bills from previous months or even simply looking at the patterns of use from your current energy bill can actually help you discover some interesting things and figure out if there is a problem in your home.

We always list energy bills as a key indicator to reference when trying to determine when something is amiss in your home. There is a  reason for that–there is plenty that your energy bills can tell you. We will dive into some of the details about this below.

Option 1. Your HVAC system is doing really well.

Let’s start on a positive note! If you are getting energy bills that don’t fluctuate very much between months and seem to accurately portray your system usage, congratulations because you are in good shape. As much as energy bills can warn you when something is amiss they can also let you know when everything is going okay!

Option 2. Your HVAC system needs some attention

If you notice that there are some spikes in your energy usage on your latest bill then you have every reason to take pause. Those spikes could be due to issues that your system is struggling with. At this level, you should check your air filter and make sure to replace it if it is too dirty. Aside from that, it is worth it to schedule a tune-up for the system in question since the sudden increase could be due to a skipped maintenance appointment.

Option 3. The AC unit needs a repair

Next up we have the energy bills that seem to rise each month and have big spikes on them that just don’t match what you are doing with your HVAC system. Or at least you think they don’t match. If you’ve been on top of your maintenance and you are seeing this increase in your monthly bills you likely need a Kendall, FL AC repair. Get this taken care of now before things get worse.

Option 4. You need to replace your AC system

In this last case, you will notice that your energy bills have been steadily increasing despite regular maintenance and repairs. You’ll see big spikes without the service from your HVAC system that justifies the cost. What’s more, if you need to replace your AC, you’re going to have been dealing with high energy bills for a while. Make sure to talk to a technician to check things out if this sounds familiar.

Our team believes in providing service that keeps your HVAC system running properly so it is both effective and efficient. If you are starting to notice that your energy bills are not where they need to be, don’t hesitate to reach out for a second opinion or professional service to resolve the issue.

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