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Save Big When You Upgrade to a Daikin FIT

Daikin FIT

You need an air conditioner that works well but you also want one that doesn’t cost you an excessive amount of money. An air conditioning replacement in Homestead, FL is already a pretty cost-intensive service, especially since you’ll be getting a whole new system. Why invest in anything that wouldn’t save you money over the coming years?

A new AC system may be a big investment but that investment can pay you back once it is in use! That is exactly what a Daikin FIT air conditioner is going to do. These systems aren’t just effective–they’re also highly efficient.

Let’s dive into the reasons that the Daikin FIT may be the best fit for your next cooling system.

What You Should Know About the Daikin FIT

This is a home comfort system produced by Daikin that serves your home as a smart HVAC system. The Daikin FIT air conditioner provides great comfort without skimping on energy efficiency. Let us explain what you should know about this wonderful system.

  • An inverter system: Inverter systems are capable of operating at variable speeds. The variable speed fan in the Daikin FIT allows it to more effectively control the temperature in the house, without allowing extreme swings from cold to hot and back again. It also means it provides better comfort without using an excessive amount of energy to do so.

  • Helps you save space: The Daikin FIT takes up less square footage than other larger systems. The compact size of this system allows it to fit in more spaces and work with your space, even if you don’t have much to spare.

  • Operates quietly at all times: The Daikin FIT is made with a high-density foam sound blanket for the compressor unit. This means that it will emit as little as 57 decibels while in operation.

  • Highly energy-efficient operation: This system doesn’t just claim to be energy efficient, it performs that way no matter what. The Daikin FIT can offer a SEER rating of up to 18.

  • Better humidity control: Air conditioners provide a moderate level of dehumidification. The Daikin FIT does this too but takes things a step further. Because it is an inverter system, it is able to balance the humidity level on a more consistent basis.

Is the Daikin FIT Right for You?

Choosing a good air conditioner for your home is no small decision. That’s why we want to make sure you get the best one to suit your comfort needs. The Daikin FIT may be a great option for your next AC unit if:

  • You need to save some space.
  • You are looking for fewer temperature swings.
  • You need a system that performs more quietly.
  • You enjoy an investment that pays you back each month on your energy bills.
  • You are looking for a reliable home comfort system that fits your budget.

When the time comes to choose your next AC unit, come to our team. We can pair you with a Daikin FIT or whichever system helps you the most.

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