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Strange AC Noises? Don’t Be Afraid!

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While other parts of the county are hearing the hum of their heaters, we are still hearing activity from our air conditioners. That’s just one of the unique things that come with living in Florida. But let’s talk about the noises that you’ve been hearing. There are plenty of sounds that shouldn’t phase you to hear from your AC unit. But there are also plenty of sounds that you don’t want to hear from your system.

If and when you hear something problematic coming from your system, it may mean that you need air conditioning repair in South Miami, FL. If you aren’t sure whether the sounds your AC is making justify the need for repairs, we’d like to help. Here are some of the noises that you don’t want coming from your system.

Strange Noises You Don’t Want Your AC to Make

If you hear any of these sounds coming from your air conditioner, it means it is time to reach out to a professional team like ours to get it back into optimal working order.


If you hear rattling coming from your AC unit, it may be due to the fact that there is a loose part in it. Having a technician find and tighten any loose parts is the best way to resolve this. The longer a loose part goes unaddressed, the higher the chance that it comes completely free of its housing to cause more damage.


This is a hard noise to deal with because it is pretty unpleasant. Hopefully, that means that the call for repairs to address it will be quick. Screeching may be caused by a motor belt that needs lubrication or a fan blade that is broken or loose and scraping around its housing. Whenever you hear this noise it means there is metal scraping against metal somewhere in the system.


That higher-pitch whistle of air escaping your system isn’t to be mistaken for the whoosh of air from a properly functioning air conditioner. Hissing is going to be caused by air leaking out of your ducts or by a refrigerant leak in the system.


Your air conditioner uses refrigerant cycled in a closed-loop system to cool the air. It doesn’t use water to do its job. This should make it pretty obvious that bubbling isn’t a good noise to hear. Bubbling may be another sign of a refrigerant leak or even a clog in your condensate drain.


Dripping may also be a sign that there is something hindering the drainage of the condensate from your AC unit. A clogged condensate drain leads to the build-up on that water which can leak out of the pan and, well, drip!


Last but not least, buzzing is another noise you don’t want to hear from your AC unit. Buzzing may be caused by a vibrating air filter clogged by debris or it may be due to a problem with one or more electrical components in the system.

At the end of the day, you know what the norm is for your air conditioner. If your system starts to sound off, it is best to reach out to a professional for repairs.

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