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Factors That Mess With Your IAQ

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Your air conditioner has a tall task on its plate: it has to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the many months of heat that we get around here. Chances are your system itself is up to the task. The question is are you providing it with the materials it needs to really do its job well?

Imagine being given a faulty pen and told to write an essay with it. That is what it is like to have an AC that is expected to provide optimal comfort in a home with poor indoor air quality. The team at Air On Demand wants you to have reliable comfort for your whole home. That is why we make sure to provide helpful indoor air quality services to address any issues with your comfort level.

Common IAQ Issues That Might Mess With Your Home Comfort

Too few people realize what an important role their indoor air quality plays in their home comfort. To give you an example how comfortable would you feel if you were in an older home that had cool air but was dusty in every way imaginable? It is factors like these that can help or hinder your comfort levels in your house. Here are some of the key factors that we encounter in homes around Homestead that mess with residents’ ability to stay cool.

Too much dust and debris

As we just mentioned above dusty air does nothing to improve your home comfort. High levels of dust in the house don’t just dirty things up. Dusty air can also make your air conditioner’s job a lot harder. All that airborne debris is going to clog your AC filter a lot more quickly and can even create problems for your evaporator coil and other parts of your system. We provide air filtration systems that can clean up the air in your home and reduce the amount of dust floating around.

Allergens, mold, and more

Dust and dirt aren’t the only airborne contaminants that you need to be aware of. There are of course plenty of other allergens and particles that you want to try to keep out of your home. Contaminants such as pollen mold spores etc are going to negatively impact your air conditioner’s operation. On top of this, they are likely to make you feel more uncomfortable in the long run by irritating nasal passages and your respiratory system. No one can get comfortable when they are having a sneezing fit! Our air purification systems are a great solution to this issue.

High heat transfer

Last but not least, it is important to take note of how long your home holds cool air in. A home with poor insulation in the walls and attic will allow for an increased level of heat transfer, meaning that your AC will have to work harder to keep you cool as the cold air leaks out of your home far too quickly. We can address this by helping improve the insulation in your home.

When you need help with your home comfort, come to the HVAC company in Homestead, FL that takes every factor into account. Our team of professionals will leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best comfort and efficiency possible.

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