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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

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As the sun comes back out and temperatures start soaring in Florida’s southern parts, summer is on the horizon. This is why you need to ensure that your air conditioner is in tip-top condition to keep you cool and comfortable. However, you might be wondering whether your AC is working properly or not. Today, we will alert you of the signs that indicate you need Palmetto Bay AC repair experts to take a look.

Warm Air & Bad Odors

If you sense warm air coming out of the vents of your AC, check your thermostat. You need to make sure it is adjusted to the cooling mode. First, try setting it lower than the temperature inside your home. If your AC continues expelling warm air, you might be facing restricted airflow or a problem related to the compressor. Find Palmetto Bay AC repair technicians instead of trying to solve the problem on your own.

Inadequate Airflow

A common sign your AC needs repair is insufficient airflow. This could result from a broken motor, clogged air filter, or a blockage preventing air from moving through your air conditioner’s ductwork.

If you commonly experience airflow problems, we suggest buying an energy-recovery ventilator. It can enhance your AC’s function by swapping stale air with fresh air every system cycle. Another way to solve this problem is to invest in zoning systems, which ascertain whether you are receiving the correct airflow and cooling in the places with the greatest need.

High Humidity

Florida can experience high levels of humidity in spring and summer. However, if you are experiencing the same moisture and stickiness indoors, there might be a cause for concern.

Your air conditioner can reduce the levels of humidity to an acceptable level. If it is unable to do so, it might be time for AC repairs.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners depend upon refrigerants to chill your home and create condensation during operation. However, both these liquids should not be leaking inside your home.

An active leak or pooling water is a sign of your cooling system having problems. If left ignored, this can damage property and leave a nasty smell. Look for Palmetto Bay AC repair shops if you are from the area.

Unusual Noises

Generally, air conditioners make a noise when you switch them on or off. However, if you hear sudden, loud, or strange sounds, it might be an indication of extensive problems with the AC.

If you hear a buzz or rattle, it could be coming from a loose part. Screeching or hissing sounds could signal a bigger problem. Issues such as these won’t go away on their own. Seek professional help to resolve the issue from the root.

Wrapping Up

Some of the issues with the AC are easier to take care of. On the other hand, problems such as water leaks could be tricky, so it is best to pursue a professional’s assistance.

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