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Don’t Skip Your Tune-Up


It may seem like you don’t need to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner when you use it a majority of the year. It runs all the time so there is no need to prepare for the “marathon of summer” like you would need to in other areas right? The reality is that whether you use your AC for a few months or for almost every month of the year it still needs maintenance. In fact, the most you use the system, the more important that air conditioning tune-up in Palmetto Bay is!

Imagine you were a runner who only ran and never stopped to stretch, get water, or rest. You’d probably pass out after a while! The same concept can apply to your AC. It needs to be maintained to give it the tools and ability to keep going!

You Can (and Should) Still Schedule AC Maintenance

This may come as goods news to a lot of you–there is still plenty of time to schedule your maintenance appointment for your air conditioner. As long as your system hasn’t completely broken down, you can always get a tune-up.

We firmly believe that late maintenance is always better than none. This is because even if the service is done later in the year than normal, it can still benefit your system and your savings account.

4 Benefits Maintenance Provides

  1. Better operation: You want your air conditioner to do a good job of keeping your home cool right? Maintenance is going to help make sure this happens. By performing seemingly small tasks like cleaning off your evaporator coil, a tune-up increases the effectiveness of your system’s operation.
  2. Increased energy efficiency: Did you know that without a yearly tune-up (or bi-annual if you have a heat pump) your system stands to lose up to 5% of its energy efficiency? That means more energy used to create the same comfort level. Instead, you can get your system maintained to help it, well, maintain better energy efficiency.
  3. Fewer repairs: Your air conditioner will need some repairs over the course of its lifetime. However, it shouldn’t need them frequently. Regular annual maintenance keeps your AC’s repair needs to a minimum and can even reduce their cost when they do pop up.
  4. Increased lifespan: Last but not least, regular maintenance has the ability to lengthen your system’s lifespan. By addressing those “small” issues, tune-ups take away a majority of the strain that your system might encounter otherwise, allowing it to last far longer. And that’s great news considering the price tag attached to replacement services.

Our Team Can Perform Your Tune-Up

Have you gotten your air conditioning tune-up knocked out for the year? If not, you don’t need to panic. We’ve got you covered. The technicians at Air On Demand are happy to provide air conditioning maintenance to keep your system running properly.

And as a word of warning, make sure you choose a professional to perform your system maintenance, NOT an amateur. While you might think amateur work or a DIY attempt can save you money it will actually end up costing you in the long run.

Put your AC into professional hands you can trust. Contact Air On Demand today.