3 Ways to Help Your AC Perform Better

Pressing an AC switch

Your air conditioning system is the main thing in your household protecting you and your family from the searing heat of the summer sun in Kendall. Unfortunately, your AC could potentially be accounting for the majority of your home energy expenses during the summer months.

If you are like most homeowners, you might be searching for ways to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and cut down on energy bills. While it is easier said than done, we have some tips that can help your AC perform better and cost less through the course of the year.

We’ve created this guide to tell you about three ways you can help your AC perform better so that you can cut down on energy costs without compromising on your comfort.

3 Ways to Help Your AC Perform Better

These three measures can help you improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system while reducing the expense of operating it during the hottest months of a Floridan summer.

1. Keep Thermostat Settings Reasonable

We understand that the heat can become unbearable on some days, and you want nothing more than to enjoy the cool breeze coming from your air conditioner when you get home. Unfortunately, many people think turning the thermostat settings to a colder temperature will cool down their home faster. That is never the case.

The thermostat setting determines how often the AC will turn on to regulate the temperature. It does not affect the speed. If you keep the thermostat set to a temperature that is too low, it will only make the AC work harder for much longer than necessary to try to cool things off according to your demands. The Department of Energy advises that 78°F is the ideal temperature setting to balance out power consumption and get you good results.

2. Schedule Prompt Repairs

It is completely normal for air conditioners to develop problems over time due to wear and tear. If there are any pending repairs for your AC, you should make it a point to schedule services to repair it immediately.

We say immediately because delaying repairs can result in the problems becoming worse. This is bad for two reasons. The first is that it can lead to increasingly high energy bills; the second is that the issues can worsen to the point of causing a full breakdown and even lead to a need for an early replacement.

3. Schedule Maintenance Each Year

Just like any other mechanical appliance, air conditioners wear down over time and need a tune-up to help them run well. Regularly scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner can help you ensure that the unit is working efficiently. In addition, the more energy-efficient it is, the less energy it will use while providing you with the cooling you need to make your home feel more comfortable during the summer.

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