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Give Yourself a Gift With a New Air Filter

Dirty AC Filter

It is the time of year when we give each other some great gifts. Why not give one to yourself? This might sound silly but hear us out. A new filter for your HVAC system is going to be a pretty low-cost gift that you can get for yourself that will benefit you now and for months to come.

If you didn’t know how important your AC system’s air filter was before now, we want to give you some important information. The filter is often underestimated but it can end up making or breaking your system’s operation. Let’s look at everything you need to know about your system filter.

The Role of Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter

The filter for your HVAC system isn’t meant to keep your home’s air quality clean. It certainly doesn’t hurt but that isn’t its main purpose. Your system filter sits within the return air duct where all the air that is pulled into the system will pass through it. This allows the filter to capture a majority of the debris and dust that is in the flow of air and keep it out of your AC unit.

The Importance of Regular Air Filter Changes

Did you know that you need to change out your air filter regularly? If you didn’t we are glad to tell you! Changing your air filter every one to three months is vital to keeping your system running effectively and efficiently. This is important because:

  • A dirty filter can slow down airflow into the AC system.
  • This can increase the dirt level inside the system and slow down your system’s cooling process.
  • Less air getting into your home means less cool air being produced.
  • The dirty filter can make it far harder to keep your home comfortable.
  • A dirty filter can put enough strain on your system to increase the need for AC repairs in Miami.

What To Know About Changing Your Air Filter

Not sure about how to change your home’s air filter? It’s okay, you aren’t the first. Many people don’t realize they need to change their filter at all! So if you are here and you’ve never done this before, let’s break it down into some easy steps:

  • Locate the return air duct for your system and carefully open it.
  • Pull out your filter to take note of the dimensions so you can find an exact replacement if you havent already.
  • If the filter is dirty, replace it with a new, clean one.
  • Special note: If you have a reusable filter, just follow the directions for how to clean it properly and then replace that same filter in its place.

If you are unsure about where your air filter is or you are uncomfortable taking care of this task, you can always turn to a professional team like ours. We actually include filter changes in our AC maintenance checklist so you can rest easy knowing your system is in good hands.

Contact the pros at Air On Demand for any help you need with your HVAC system. We are passionate about providing comfort and exceeding customer satisfaction.