How Your Ducts Get Dirty

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The air that is coming through your vents keeps your home cool and comfortable throughout the majority of the year. Let’s be honest, we do use our AC systems a lot more than our heaters. In either case, however, these systems are going to rely on the use of your home’s ductwork. And whatever is in your ductwork is therefore going to be blown into your home.

You may not think of it often, but let us draw your attention to the interior of your ducts. Much like how you want to keep the interior of your air conditioner or heater clear of debris, you will want to ensure that your ductwork is kept clean too. If you didn’t know that your ducts could get dirty, we are happy to give you the information you need–and provide the solutions to address the source of your dust demons.

How Your Ductwork Can Get Dirty

The ducts in your home are going to get dusty and dirty over time, much like the surfaces around your home can. Despite common belief, while your ductwork may be tucked away in your attic, crawlspace, or walls, this doesn’t mean that this vital part of your HVAC system won’t ever see a dust mote. There is more than one way this can happen though:

  • The air in your home is extra dusty: No we aren’t attacking your cleaning skills. Poor indoor air quality can be the result of leaking seals around doors and windows more than a homeowner’s resistance to picking up a dustcloth. However it happened though, poor indoor air quality will impact your ductwork. Over time, filters become clogged and dust gets into your ductwork where it builds up more and more each year. Our noses are getting irritated just thinking about it!
  • There are leaks in your ductwork: When your ductwork starts to wear out a bit, it may develop small holes or leaks. These leaks are going to not just allow temperature-controlled air out of your ducts, they will let uncomfortable, dirty air in. That airborne dust is going to end up in your home and your ductwork. Again, over time, leaks will allow for the creation of built-up dust in your ducts that hinders airflow and comfort even more.

How We Can Help

If you have an AC system or heater that uses ductwork, you need to make sure that this part of your system is kept in good condition. To do that, one thing you want to check on is that your ducts are kept clean. We can help.

Our duct cleaning services, provided by trained professionals, will assess the state of your ducts and address any build-up you may have. With our expertise and tools, we can collect dust that has piled up without allowing any of it to enter your home. We will leave the interior of your ducts and the interior of your home as clean as humanly possible so you can enjoy optimal comfort all year.

To schedule your service, contact Air On Demand. We promise to provide upfront and honest pricing with every job we do.

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