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How Insulation Helps You Keep Cool

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When the temperature gets to be unbearable most of us are going to be holed up at home trying to stay comfortable and dry. As long as your air conditioner is working well, your home should be able to provide a comfortable environment during those swelteringly hot days, right? Not necessarily. Yes, your air conditioner is going to be a main component to your comfort but there are other factors, like your Miami attic insulation, that will affect your home environment too.

We know that may sound strange but it is true. Your attic insulation plays a big role in keeping your home comfortable all year long actually. How? By reducing heat exchange in and out of the house. Insulation helps with your air quality too! It helps with a lot of things to be honest. Let’s take a quick look at why your insulation is so important to your comfort this summer and beyond.

How Your Attic Insulation Helps

The insulation in your home is going to help you stay comfortable in a few different ways which we have listed here:

Attic insulation helps keep cool air in and hot air out

When you have good attic insulation it is going to help hold the cool air that your air conditioner produces in your home. This means that it will keep your home cooler for a longer amount of time with a little less effort. Even better, insulation will keep the hot air and humidity out.

Attic insulation helps boost the quality of the air in your home

Insulation helps to keep the indoor air quality in your home a lot more comfortable than it would be otherwise. This is because insulation helps to protect your home from the entry of dust, debris, and other allergens, and helps prevent unwanted moisture from entering the house as well. With cleaner, less humid air, the environment inside your home is going to feel a lot more pleasant than it would otherwise.

Attic insulation helps your AC operate more efficiently

Remember how we talked about the reduction in heat exchange thanks to your AC system? Because your attic insulation is going to keep the cool air in and the hot air out of your home, it means that it is going to make your unit’s job a lot easier. It does this by extending the amount of time a cooling cycle keeps your home effectively cool. It also helps by keeping the air drier which makes it easier to cool down. Altogether this means that your energy efficiency is going to improve too.

Our Insulation Services Help You Too

If you need to install insulation in an older home that doesn’t have any, repair the worn insulation in your home, or you want to give your insulation an extra boost, we can help. Our insulation services are performed by professionals who know how important this part of your home is to your comfort. When you need help keeping your home cool during summer, you can rely on us to help you out.

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