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Why Duct Cleaning Is as Important as Spring Cleaning

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We know it is almost summertime but some of us are still going through the process of spring cleaning. Daily lives can get busy so it makes sense that cleaning things up post-winter can take a while. There is no time-limit on spring cleaning thankfully but we want to help make sure that you don’t miss any tasks that will be helpful to your comfort.

One task that you want to make sure to take care of before summer arrives is duct cleaning. While your ductwork may be out of sight, this doesn’t mean it should be completely off your mind–after all, whatever is sitting within your ductwork is what can get blown into your home!

This is why we recommend duct cleaning services as a part of your spring cleaning to-dos.

Wait, My Ducts Can Get Dirty?

Believe it or not, your ductwork does get dirty. It doesn’t happen rapidly, which is why we find many people who don’t know about the fact that their ductwork can get dirty at all. While there is a filter that captures a lot of dust and debris that might otherwise enter your AC system, it can’t capture everything and all those airborne particles that get into your system have the ability to enter your ductwork. Over the course of a year or two, this means a pretty significant build-up of debris that can get blown into your home anytime you use your air conditioner or your furnace.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Ductwork

So, if it takes a long while for your ducts to get dirty, then what is the point of cleaning them out? A little dust never hurt anyone right? Actually this is wrong. While dirty ducts take a while to build-up all those contaminants can have an effect on your comfort and your indoor air quality.

Here are some of the positive differences that duct cleaning can have:

  • Improved IAQ: When you remove all the dust, fur, and other debris that may have settled in your ductwork, you are preventing it from being continuously blown into your home. This means preserving a better level of indoor air quality in your home.
  • Improved HVAC Operation: While dust may not seem like a potential hindrance to your HVAC system, a build-up really can weaken your AC’s ability to deliver a reliable source of cool air.

Duct Cleaning Isn’t a DIY Job

All too many people who learn about the fact that their ducts need to be cleaned think it is a matter of grabbing a dust rag or a vacuum and trying to get the job done themselves. The reality is that you need to have a professional technician do the job, otherwise you run the risk of seriously damaging your ductwork. What’s more, without the right tools, there is likely to be a lot of loose debris in your ducts and your home.

When you need a professional to perform duct cleaning in your home you can reach out to Air On Demand for reliable services.

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