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How Your IAQ Impacts Your Home Comfort


Indoor air quality is going to play a big role in how comfortable you are at home. Things like airborne mixture or dust may not seem like they can have an impact on anything but the truth is they can be a defining factor in how good you feel when you are trying to relax at home.

The professional technicians are happy to help in the effort to improve your indoor air quality. We can assist in assessing your home’s IAQ and recommending what systems would offer the best benefits. Likewise, we can also help with keeping your IAQ systems in great working order so you can breathe easily for years to come.

For now, though, let’s take a look at some of our Palmetto Bay air purifier services so you can see the difference that this IAQ system may make in your home.

What Is an Air Purifier?

Air purification systems, or air purifiers for short, are systems that help to clean the air entering your home. Air purifiers can use either electricity to accomplish this goal or use ultraviolet light to get the job done. This system is installed as a part of your HVAC system so it purifies and cleans the air that enters your home, rather than waiting for air packed with contaminants to reach it in one particular room (as is the case with portable systems). When you schedule your air purifier installation with us, you will enjoy a system that tackles airborne contaminants like mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and scent-causing particles, leaving your home feeling fresher than before.

How Does a Professionally-Installed Air Purifier Help Me?

Air purifiers that are professionally installed are convenient and effective systems that are going to help keep the air in your home a lot cleaner than it might be otherwise. Here are some ways that this benefits you:

  • Reduced mold growth risk: Because air purifiers either capture or destroy mold particles, this system can significantly reduce the risk of mold growth occurring in your home and in your ductwork too.
  • Helping protect you from illness: Viruses and bacteria can sneak into your home via your ductwork but when you have an air purifier you won’t have to worry. Purifiers can remove or render harmless bacterial or viral particles that could otherwise wreak havoc in your home and on your health.
  • Protects your respiratory system: If you or anyone else in your home struggles with respiratory issues like asthma, an air purifier will be helpful in reducing the presence of particles that could aggravate them.

Installation and More With Air On Demand

An air purifier is going to be extremely helpful in keeping your home more comfortable and healthier than before but only if you schedule your installation and additional IAQ system services with the professionals. Only trained and experienced professional technicians will be able to provide services that are helpful instead of harmful to your ducts.

Air On Demand is the best resource for your air quality system services. Contact us today.