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5 Tips to Improve Your Home Efficiency


There are a lot of efforts being made in modern society to become more energy-efficient and reduce people’s energy use. This can be through efforts as big as switching a community over to all-renewable energy, or even as small as remembering to turn off lights in an empty room. The goal of becoming more efficient is one that we enjoy helping with. Whether it is giving you some helpful tips to boost your energy savings or providing the services themselves that help you out like HVAC maintenance in Pinecrest, FL, our team is on board with the effort to reduce use.

Here are some helpful tips to help use a little less energy without sacrificing your comfort.

5 Tips to Help You Save Money By Using Less Energy

  1. Keep your filters and vents clear: When your filter and vents get clogged with dirt and debris, it will hinder the airflow that enters your air conditioner and goes through your home. Reduced airflow is going to force your system to work harder which means it will have to use more energy. Clear filters and vents keep air flowing and your energy use even.
  2. Keep temperature demands reasonable: It can be hard not to demand the coolest temperatures possible from your system when the weather is uncomfortable. However, it is recommended that you keep your thermostat set between 75 and 78°F while you are home to reduce your energy usage. Remember, a one-degree increase is a 5% increase in your energy bill.
  3. Seal windows and doors: Windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed are going to let cool air out and hot air in, which will lead to higher energy use for your AC. Combat this with caulking and weather stripping to stop the loss of cool air.
  4. Use that ceiling fan: Your ceiling fan isn’t actually going to create any cool air. It will, however, help you to feel cooler. By increasing the movement of air in your home, the fan can help reduce the temperature indoors, and it can also help to evaporate sweat off your body more quickly which helps you feel cooler so you can reduce your demand on the AC.
  5. Keep the sunshine out: Sunshine can lighten a room but it will also heat it up a lot. Figure out which rooms in your home get the most sun and close the curtains or blinds to reduce the amount of light and heat getting into your home. This will help keep your home a bit cooler and reduce the amount of energy needed to keep you comfortable.

The Role of Maintenance Service

One great way to optimize the energy efficiency in your air conditioning system is to stay up-to-date on your yearly maintenance services. This service helps optimize your AC system’s ability to do its job effectively and also help it maintain its energy efficiency, rather than allowing it to lose a certain percent of its efficiency each year.

From energy efficiency tips to air conditioning maintenance, you can count on our team to keep you cool and comfortable without using excessive energy.

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