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It’s Time for Spring HVAC Cleaning

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The time for spring cleaning is just around the corner! While your spring cleaning checklist may contain everything from waxing the floors to dusting the shelves, there’s one part of your home that you just can’t touch without the right equipment:

The air.

Dusters and cleaning products can only do so much. When it comes to spring cleaning your indoor air, you need the right combination of tools and services. We’ve listed a few things you can do to improve your air quality, for both cleanliness and efficiency.

Start With a Thorough Duct Cleaning

Although it may seem hard to believe, one home can accumulate nearly 40 pounds of dust in just a year. It’s not surprising that some of that will end up inside your air ducts. This is the same reason why your rooms get dirty so quickly after cleaning them. Your first matter of business will be in getting them clean.

But keep this in mind: setting your home up with HVAC air purification products before you clean the ducts is kind of like putting dirty clothes on after taking a shower. As long as the ducts remain dusty, they’ll just blow dirty air back into the home.

Aside from wiping off the air registers, we don’t recommend trying to perform your own duct cleaning. Without the proper tools or skills, it’s easy to inadvertently loosen up dust and make the problem worse. While they’re being cleaned, you can also have them tested for leaks if they haven’t been inspected in a while.

Eliminate Contaminants

After cleaning the air ducts, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is no longer sabotaging your efforts to stay clean. Then, it’s all about doing what you can to intercept dirty air. Whether it comes in through an open window or from your beloved pet, dust and dirt will find a way back into your home.

Air filters, cleaners, and purifiers are your best defense. While they all achieve the similar purpose of removing contaminants from your air space, they all do it differently. Air filters and purifiers will capture particles before they can circle around back into your airspace, but air cleaners are more proactive solutions.

And even among air filters and purifiers, there are different qualities and grades, making some types a better fit than others—it all depends on which contaminants are the most numerous in your home. It takes an expert to understand which device goes in which part of the home for the best effect.

Keep the Warm Air Out

While attic insulation in Miami isn’t really a “cleaning” task, it’s not a bad idea to have it done at the same time as your spring cleaning efforts. After all, both cleaning your airspace and insulating your home can have positive effects on your AC’s efficiency. Cleaning will reduce the amount of particles that can interfere with the sensitive components in your AC, and insulation will help keep warm air out of your home. Both are good to get done during the spring before summer hits.

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