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Don’t Wait Until the End of the Season for AC Repairs


Let’s say you’ve just noticed some issues with your AC. But at the same time, you also plan to get AC maintenance at some point closer to the start of summer. So is it better to hold off on the repairs and lump them all in with the upcoming maintenance appointment, or is it better to have that maintenance now and pay for repairs sooner than anticipated?

The latter certainly sounds less convenient, but in our professional opinion, it’s the best course of action—and we’re not just saying that because we’re an AC repair company in South Miami. Putting off repairs, for any reason, is always going to cost you more in the long run. Here’s how:

Increased Wear and Tear

From the day your air conditioner is installed until its very last, it will gradually accumulate wear and tear. Maintenance and repairs are designed to slow this process down, but as your AC reaches the 15-year mark, the accumulated wear and tear will be too persistent. Even a thorough maintenance check won’t be able to help it for long. At that point, replacement is the best option.

To prevent your AC from needing replacement any sooner than that, it’s crucial to have repair issues addressed as soon as they appear. Whenever you run your AC despite such an issue, it will only put more stress on the other components. That small repair problem left unchecked might lead to the damage of an expensive part.

Lowered Efficiency

You might not detect certain AC repair issues until you see how they’re affecting your cooling bill. Similar to how prolonged repair problems will increase wear and tear, they will also tax the unit’s ability to operate. In other words, repair issues lead to less efficient performance, which leads to more energy spent and a higher cooling bill than usual.

If your cooling bill has risen without explanation, there’s a strong indicator that your AC needs maintenance now instead of later. After all, every day you wait means more money you’ll have to spend.

Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

We understand that you’re not a professional AC technician, so you might not be 100% confident in identifying when your AC is acting strange and when it’s doing what it’s supposed to. But do remember it doesn’t cost anything to call us up, so don’t be afraid to ask. With that in mind, here’s some of the things you can expect a malfunctioning AC to do:

  • Start making strange noises like clanking, banging, screeching… anything other than the “whoosh” of air.
  • The air may feel warm or at room temperature, or there might be a complete lack of airflow.
  • Strange behaviors like rapidly turning on and off, endless cooling cycles, or refusing to start or stay on.

If you suspect you’re experiencing any kind of repair issue with your AC, we suggest you refrain from using it until you’re able to receive repairs. That will help ensure that you don’t cause any damage or incur any more expenses.

You can schedule repairs or maintenance at any time of the year. Contact Air On Demand today to schedule a service.