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Where to Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

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Ductless mini-split systems are constantly praised for their efficiency, low operating costs, and ability to both heat and cool your home. But there’s one thing that always holds people back from being completely sold…

Where the heck are you supposed to install that giant air handler?

Since it’s required that one unit occupy each room you want to heat or cool, it means you’ll need to install a big, rectangular air handler on the wall. It’s understandable that this could seem obtrusive. In reality, many homeowners completely forget about their air handlers, but it’s hard to see that before you install one for yourself. In this post, we’ll explain the basic requirements for placing a ductless mini-split unit.

Indoor Unit Placement

This is the main item that people are concerned about, since it’s the part that’s capable of clashing with your interior designs. Here are the basic requirements for an indoor unit’s placement:

  • Must Be Installed on Exterior Walls Only: An exterior wall is any wall in the home that makes direct contact with the outdoors. For example, an interior wall would be a wall in a bedroom that shares a wall with the hallway. An exterior wall is one that shares a wall with the backyard.
  • Equal Air Distribution: The handler must be placed in a spot that will ensure air is distributed equally through the room. The recommended placement is at least seven feet above the ground, but as close to the ceiling as allowed. This will vary depending on each brand, so your best bet is to follow the recommendations of a ductless air conditioning expert in Kendall, FL.
  • Bedrooms: Units in bedrooms should be placed above the bed. If the idea of a giant air handler above your head doesn’t make you feel comfortable, the next best placement would be on the wall across from your feet.
  • Out of Direct Sunlight: Sunlight can cause the handler to misinterpret the temperature of the room, so you won’t want to place it in a spot that receives sunlight for any time of the day.
  • Away From Objects: It might be impossible to keep it away from some furniture, but an effort should be made to keep it away from electronic devices like TVs, computers, or heat sources. These devices can affect the temperature reading of the handler.

Outdoor Unit Placement

Any type of air conditioner is going to require an outdoor unit, and ductless mini-split systems are no exception. Luckily, you only need one outdoor unit in most cases, so the placement isn’t something most people worry about.

In general, you want to keep it out of direct sunlight so that the sun isn’t beating down on it all day. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s not too close to any bushes or vegetation, which can block the system’s air flow. It’s also worth having a cement foundation poured to keep the unit off of any soft ground. Other than that, you simply need to find a suitable space directly behind or to the side of your home.

We can make a ductless mini-split system work for any room. Contact Air On Demand today to schedule an estimate.