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3 Indoor Air Quality Myths


Indoor air quality is one of those topics that garner plenty of misconception and myths. Most of what we know about IAQ is backed by research and tests, as opposed to what’s visible by the eye. And from the perspective of the HVAC services, there’s no shortage of misconceptions about air quality, so we’ll go over a few of them here today.

Air Duct Cleaning is a DIY Task

Although we’re certain there are many capable DIYers who would be ready to take on their own duct cleaning in Miami, we really have to urge you against it. Duct cleaning isn’t something that a lot of people have any kind of experience with, even if it sounds simple.

First of all, it requires special tools that only an HVAC technician would have any business owning. Your average vacuum or duster aren’t going to do the trick. In fact, that might just make things worse, which brings us to the second point:

An improperly performed duct cleaning can actually make the problem worse. There are many layers of dust in the ducts, and a bad job at cleaning them will loosen up more dust that can then circulate through your air flow.

Third and finally, there’s the risk that you might damage the ducts. Knocking a duct loose can create a disconnect, also known as a duct leak. Up to 30% of the hot or cool air generated by your HVAC system can become lost through these leaks.

When it comes down to it, there’s really no good reason to try and do your own duct cleaning.

Once Your Ducts Are in Place, They’ll Always Be Good

It makes sense. Your ductwork is installed in the attic, behind walls, and completely out of reach. There are no moving parts, either. So, how could they ever “go bad?”

Well, it all depends on the type of material used. Flexible ductwork consists of insulation wrapped around a metal coil. Over time—or if the material was low quality to begin with—it can degrade and develop leaks. As previously mentioned, leaks can take a significant toll on your efficiency.

If your ductwork has gone a very long time without any kind of maintenance, it might be more cost-effective to have them replaced.

An Air Filter and Purifier Can Eliminate All Your Contaminants

Yes, but no. There are a range of air filtration and purification products, and they don’t all do the same thing. Your home first needs to be tested to see what kind of pollutants are invading your air. Only then can you prescribe the appropriate filter or purifier for the task.

For example, normal air purifiers can eliminate smoke, odors, and chemical pollutants. But it takes an air purifier equipped with a UV light to eliminate living organisms, like bacteria and viruses. If your family typically gets sick from viral infections, it might not make sense to install anything but the UV air purifier.

It’s similar for mechanical air filters. These filters are based on a ranking from 1 to 16. However, higher-rated filters are less efficient, so you need to make sure you’re getting the filter that works best for your home.

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