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Call for Repairs ASAP If You Notice These AC Symptoms

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Are you not sure if your AC is acting funny? It’s not surprising that many people let their AC continue to run despite showing signs of trouble. In fact, it’s quite understandable, since most homeowners aren’t air conditioning experts.

We’d never want you to neglect an air conditioning problem, so in this post, we’ll go over some clear signs that your AC is in trouble. If you experience any of them, it’s a good idea to turn off the system and immediately contact an expert of central AC repair in Miami.

Unusual Noises

Any noise out of the ordinary is cause enough for concern. Hissing, gurgling, screeching, grinding… There are many kinds of noises your AC can make when it’s having trouble. Any noise that forces you to stop and ask yourself “Was that noise always there?” is most likely a problem. As soon as you notice a new noise, call an expert for their opinion.

Frozen Components

Ice in your air conditioner isn’t a good sign! It can be a little misleading since ice would seem to indicate powerful cooling. In reality, your evaporator coil might be having trouble absorbing the heat from the air, thus causing it to get way too cold in there. Frozen coils also block the flow of air, which will prevent your home from getting cooler. While you wait for a repairman to assess the situation, refrain from chipping at the ice—turn off the unit and let it melt away.

Warm Air or No Air Coming From Vents

Frozen coils is one possible cause for this, but there are others. It can be as something as simple as a clogged air filter, or it could be any number of problems ranging from coils to fans. If there are any issues with air coming out of your vents, it certainly requires the help of a professional to assess the entire situation.

Weird Smells

If the refrigerant in your air conditioner’s coils is leaking, you might be able to smell it. If this is the case, we highly recommend turning off the machine and calling for repairs as soon as possible. Inhaling large amounts of refrigerant can be poisonous, so don’t wait for even a moment. Alternatively, a more plastic smell could indicate faulty wiring. There’s also the chance that a mildew or mold smell can be present, especially if your AC shares ducts with a heating system. Either way, you don’t want to wait for long if you start smelling strange things from your AC.

High Energy Bills

If you have high energy bills suddenly, it’s most likely the indication of an AC problem that has been going on without your knowledge. You’ve been lucky to make it this far without repairs, which makes it all the more necessary to call for help immediately. AC efficiency issues almost always lead to an eventual burnout, so waiting to get the issue fixed at this point is pushing your luck.

Does it sound like you have an AC emergency? Don’t wait! Contact Air On Demand as soon as possible!