When Is Ductless Air Conditioning the Right Choice?

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Of all the options we offer for air conditioning installation in Miami, ductless air conditioning tends to receive more raised eyebrows than others, and also a lot of interest. So many people spend their lives using inefficient, ineffective window and room air conditioners to stay cool on the hottest days. They’re often surprised to learn of another solution!

Ductless air conditioning is nothing like those portable, temporary air conditioners. This is a fixture that will last in your home for years. Inside components are mounted up high on the wall, without being too intrusive, and you’re likely to notice energy savings. But when does ductless air conditioning make sense?

When You Have No Ducts in the Home

Here’s the thing: if you already have a set of ducts that’s working just fine, or that needs just a bit of repair or sealing, stick with traditional central air conditioning. Ductless air conditioning simply won’t be cost-effective if ducts are a part of your home already.

Your ventilation is there for a reason. Many people expect ductless units to be priced like window units, but that is not the case. It’s a complete, sophisticated system, and essentially its own central unit.

When a Room Is Added or Renovated

When a room is added to your home or you do major renovations that no longer allow for the HVAC system to work properly in a room, it may make sense to add in ductless air conditioning. Ductless systems are designed to allow for whole-house or multi-room cooling. However, you can also cool a single room with a single blower unit attached to an outside condenser.

When You Want Convenience

A window air conditioner can be quite inconvenient. It’s easy to forget to turn them off (even though they’re running loudly) because there’s no central thermostat. A ductless system has a central thermostat for convenience, but you can also adjust the temperature differently in each individual room of the home.

In other words, you get a thermostat in each room if you have that many indoor blower units. It’s highly customizable! You can also use the thermostat to schedule advanced programming settings, or you can get a smart thermostat that works with the Wi-Fi in your home for remote programming.

When You Want To Start Saving

A ductless air conditioner is certainly an investment. But that kind of power and efficiency is worth investing in. The system will be properly sized for your home by an HVAC professional, allowing it to run more smoothly and efficiently. Plus, efficiency ratings of window units don’t come anywhere near the ratings of central and ductless systems. You can find ductless heat pumps with a SEER rating near 20!

Ductless air conditioners save money in another way as well. They do not have to use air ducts, which are prone to leaks. That eliminates another waste of energy common to central AC. We expect you’ll notice the energy savings quickly!

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