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Spring Cleaning Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

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Spring is here, and the allergies are too. This time of year, you may be used to taking allergy medication and spending money on doctor’s visits, or perhaps restricting outdoor time in order to keep allergies under control. But what if we told you that the biggest problem was likely within your own home?

We spend about 93% of our time indoors, according to a study by the EPA. And air quality inside of the house can be just as bad as outdoor air quality—if not worse.

What’s So Bad about the Indoor Air?

Your indoor air quality can suffer for a number of reasons. Of course, you can expect some amount of dust and debris in your home, but when it gets kicked up into the air, it lingers. And this can happen easily when you dust a high shelf, move a piece of furniture, or even just when you sit down.

Yes, you have an air filter. A quality air filter can keep many particles from recirculating in your air. However, the smallest of particles get through anyway, and these are often the most harmful—things like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. These are the very things that make your allergies and asthma symptoms worse or even make you sick.

Tips for Keeping the Air Cleaner

To keep your indoor air quality under control, you may simply require a stricter cleaning routine. If that means assigning chore lists, investing in a better vacuum cleaner, or a deep clean of your home, so be it. It’s worth it for your family’s health and wellbeing. Here are our spring cleaning tips for better indoor air quality.

  1. Get a better vacuum cleaner. Standard vacuums may clean the carpet, but can actually contribute to poor indoor air quality. A vacuum cleaner with HEPA technology does the job just as effectively, without kicking dust up into the air.
  2. Throw stuff away. For dust to stick around in the home, it needs somewhere to accumulate—on all your stuff. Spring cleaning allows you to give up the items you never use. Have a yard sale or donate old things to charity!
  3. Clean hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning ceiling fans, high shelves, above cabinetry, and behind refrigerators all helps to clean your indoor air. Do this for spring cleaning and at any opportunity.
  4. Wash bedding, rugs, and other cloth items. This may include curtains and your children’s stuffed animals.
  5. Clean better. Make an effort to clean your home more thoroughly and more regularly this spring and throughout the year. Assign chores, establish a no-shoes rule, bathe your pets, vacuum slowly, and move things out of the way when you scrub the floors.

Recommendations for Indoor Air Quality Installations in Your Home

Your indoor air quality can improve significantly with an indoor air quality installation that works better than a standard air filter. You’ll still need to change the air filter once a month, but these installations are what really help remove the worst irritants.

  • Air filtration systems – With a better filter media and a larger surface area to get even more contaminants out of the air.
  • Air purifiers – An electronic air purifier may use UV light and ionization to kill germs and remove more particulate from the air.
  • Dust cleaning – A technician can clean your ducts to thoroughly remove contaminants already living in your home, as part of routine spring cleaning.

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