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How Dust and Dirt Affect Your Air Conditioner

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You do your best to keep dust and dirt out of your home. A clean home is a happy home, after all, and you’ve got plenty of good reasons to regularly do the laundry and dishes, clean your living room, and scrub the bathroom. But why would you be concerned about your air conditioner?

Just because your air conditioner is hidden from view, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about keeping that clean, too. It’s a major investment you’ve made in your home comfort. Dirt and debris could cause problems for those with allergies and asthma, but it can also interfere with the function of your AC system.

Debris in the Indoor Air Unit

The indoor components of your air conditioner include a coil with refrigerant running through it and an indoor blower fan that sucks in warm air from the home, over the cooled coil, and through the rest of the home as it cools. As it sucks in air, it could also suck in dust and debris—if not for your air filter.

If debris were to pummel the indoor air handler as it sucked in air, it could do some serious damage. The air filter helps to prevent this, although some debris could still make its way into the motor. Occasionally, a technician may find that debris is lodged in the fan motor and needs to be cleaned out to run efficiently.

A Clogged Filter

The reason we tell you to change the air filter each month may not be what you think. Yes, it’s important for your health to have a clean filter that can help to filter out allergens.

But also, a dirty filter can prevent air from moving over the indoor coil, meaning your air conditioner won’t work properly, you won’t feel comfortable, and your air conditioner can malfunction. A clogged filter prevents air from moving throughout the unit, so be sure to clean or replace your filter regularly.

Dirt on the Outside Coil

The outside coil of your air conditioner is where heat releases from refrigerant into the air around the unit. That’s how your air conditioner cools your home—by removing heat! So when there is dirt on the outside coil of the air conditioner, it can interfere with the entire process of cooling. Heat may have trouble dissipating into the air, which means your air conditioner cannot properly cool your home.

Schedule annual maintenance with an air conditioning technician, and they can take care of this for you. Routine maintenance typically includes cleaning the outside coil, removing debris from the indoor components, and much more.

Dust in the Air Ducts

When your air ducts are full of dust and other allergens, you’re more likely to breathe them in as air moves through the ventilation system. In addition, dirty ductwork can slow the flow of air, making your system work less efficiently with time. Regular duct cleaning, once every few years or so, helps to keep your air conditioner in better condition and keep your air cleaner.

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