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3 Little-Known Causes of AC Repair

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When an air conditioning system breaks down, technicians often look to the usual suspects. Old age, refrigerant leaks, and just standard wear and tear can all be the reason an air conditioner is not performing properly, as you may expect. Some of the causes that are the “usual suspects” to a technician, though, may surprise you.

Did you know that these 3 things could cause your air conditioner a lot of damage—and that they commonly do? Many homeowners don’t realize that a dirty air filter, closed-off vents, or a faulty installation can do so much to affect the wellbeing of their central air systems, and these are all things that are usually preventable. Check out these 3 little-known causes of AC repair, and do what you can to prevent these possibilities!

A Dirty Filter

Many people associate the air filter in their home primarily with the quality of the air. Yes, an air filter can help to keep many allergens and pollutants out of the air. If you don’t suffer from allergies, or if you haven’t noticed any problems with the quality of your air lately, you may think it’s okay to skip changing the filter this month.

However, a dirty filter has effects well beyond the quality of the air. If the filter is clogged up with dust and debris, air may not be able to get through to be cooled in the first place.

This does more than make you uncomfortable. The blockage of air can actually cause the air conditioner to malfunction. The lack of airflow can cause the indoor evaporator coil to freeze, which forces the other components to become overworked and damages the coils. Be sure to change the filter every few months!

Closed Vents

Another common issue that can result in an air conditioner malfunction is one that many homeowners assume is actually helping. You may believe that closing off certain vents in rooms that are not actually being used can save you money. While we see the logic here, we’re sad to say it simply isn’t true.

Closing off vents around the home effectively closes off some of the space the air conditioner is designed to cool. The air conditioner may malfunction due to the lack of airflow, forcing it to short-cycle (run in brief spurts too frequently), and this can significantly wear down components.

Faulty Installation

Many people assume that any company they call advertising the best price for a new AC installation is the best one for the job. After all, all AC companies do the same job; it’s all about finding the people who will do it for less…right?

This isn’t quite right. If a technician is charging a lot less for a similar installation, it’s probably not what you need. This company may skimp on the installation, causing lasting problems with airflow or electrical function.

They might even install the wrong equipment, something that’s not quite the right fit for your home, which could lead to an early system replacement. Preventing AC repair begins with the installation!

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