Duct Cleaning for Better Health


Indoor air quality has a major effect on your comfort. Even if you have your home at the perfect temperature for you and your family members, you’re not comfortable if your allergies are acting up, and any asthma symptoms feel out of your control.

How Duct Cleaning Helps Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

When you close up the doors and windows, your air conditioner is able to work the way it was designed, and that’s important. But also, certain contaminants have an easier time moving around in your living space without any fresh air coming through.

The air inside of your home could be up to 5 times healthier than the outdoor air. But we do not recommend opening up the doors or windows when you are running your air conditioner. Instead, you should take steps to keep the air circulating in your home cleaner.

This means changing the filter regularly and perhaps considering additional indoor air quality equipment. But it also means that you should clean out the air ducts. As air blows through the ducts and to your home, it can pick up the dust undoubtedly built up in the ducts, and this dust can pick up and settle in your home. Cleaning the ducts cleans out the particles that make you sick (and could make your home less dusty).

Choose Professional Duct Cleaning

Professional air duct cleaning is the only way to go. You cannot effectively clean the air ducts on your own. A licensed and insured professional has the right tools for the job, and they will make sure all of the dust is completely out without damaging your ducts.

Air On Demand provides expert air duct cleaning in Cutler Bay, FL. Call our indoor air quality specialists today!

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