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The “Fan” Setting on Your Thermostat May Not Be What You Think


Your thermostat is the only part of the air conditioner you really interact with. As such, you may not put much thought into how, exactly, your air conditioner works. The thermostat typically has two options for the fan setting: “on” or “auto.” And some people are not sure of which setting they are to use on a daily basis.

Our advice: the “fan on” setting is almost never the setting you want to use throughout the day. We provide more information below.

A Fan Cannot Cool Down Your Home

Something to always keep in mind is that a fan alone will not cool down your home. In order to cool a home, an air conditioner uses a fan as well as a series of coils and a refrigerant system that removes heat from the air in order to cool down your home.

When you take away the other components, all you have is a fan circulating the same air over and over again. The airflow won’t lower the temperature of your home. You won’t notice much at all unless you’re standing directly in front of a vent.

It comes down to this: leaving the fan on throughout the day is a major energy waste.

It Can Also Create Some Humidity Issues

Some people note that leaving the fan on allows air to be filtered throughout the day. But it can also create some air quality issues. Your air conditioner both cools the home and removes moisture from the air—dehumidifying to keep you more comfortable. This moisture collects on a coil, and should be able to drain when the cooling cycle is complete. But if you keep the fan running, some of that moisture actually returns to the air!

Here’s the Setting You Should Be Using

Here’s how to really save money with your thermostat. Leave the fan in “auto” mode and keep it there! Set the temperature warm enough to save money, but something that all of your family members can be comfortable with. We recommend 78°F.

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