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Off-Season Maintenance: The Best Time to Get Your AC in Shape

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When temperatures start to level out, you feel more comfortable shutting the AC off,
and maybe opening up the windows for a while. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your air conditioner altogether.

In the off-season, when it’s not too warm and your air conditioner is off for longer periods of time, it’s time to get your system into shape. We recommend twice-annual tune-ups for air conditioners in Florida, since they get so much use throughout the year.

Why Schedule a Professional Maintenance Visit?

Professional air conditioning maintenance helps to get your air conditioner in peak condition. After a tune-up, you may notice that your air conditioner:

  • Works better and more efficiently.
  • Costs less to run.
  • Doesn’t break down when it’s working its hardest.

Plus, if you schedule heating maintenance each and every year, you may notice that your air conditioner works more efficiently for longer! A longer lifespan is to be expected with routine maintenance completed twice a year. Call your local technicians today to get an inspection and tune-up for your equipment.

Other Things You Can Do

You should also take this time to take on a few other tasks that may help your AC to run more efficiently throughout the year.

  • Consider upgrades: You may want to add on a zone control system to your home or replace your old, ineffective thermostat with a Wi-Fi thermostat.
  • Change the filter: You should be doing this task each and every month. Set a schedule in your phone or on a wall calendar, so that you never forget.
  • Clear the outside unit: Make sure there is no debris or branches blocking the outside unit, as this can keep it from working properly.

Call Air On Demand for air conditioning services in Palmetto Bay, FL. We want to help you see that your air conditioner is in the best shape possible. Ask us about our maintenance plan!