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Care for Your AC Even as It Cools Off


We’re hoping for cooler and calmer weather any day now, as temperatures slowly decrease in the relatively cooler fall and winter months. But even as it starts to cool down, you shouldn’t neglect the regular care and maintenance of your central AC system. That means two things:

  • Schedule your fall maintenance appointment with a qualified HVAC professional.
  • Change the filter this month, no matter what!

Today, we discuss why these tasks are so crucial to the performance and efficiency of an air conditioner. For more information, contact a local technician!

Schedule a Fall Maintenance Appointment

In many parts of the country, technicians recommend having two maintenance appointments per year, at least—one for an air conditioner (preferably in the spring) and one for a heater (preferably in the fall). That’s because you want to have maintenance completed before the weather gets extreme, allowing for better efficiency and system performance when you need it.

But in our part of the country, we use our air conditioners for most of the year. Weather storms bring extra humidity or it’s just plain hot, you need to keep your air conditioner running throughout a large portion of the year, which means you want to make sure it’s in the best condition possible.

Here, we recommend fall maintenance appointments for a tune-up and inspection of your AC, especially when severe weather could have an effect on the equipment. Your technicians will let you know if anything needs repair and they will make small adjustments here and there to potentially improve or restore efficiency.

Change Your Filter

You may not be aware of just how important this monthly task is to the performance of your AC. It’s not just for air quality purposes. A clogged air filter can do real damage to an AC system, causing the components to become overworked since the dirt restricts airflow.

For more information, contact our team. We can look over your system and see that the equipment is running smoothly, recommend repairs, and help your unit work more efficiently. For all of your AC needs in Cutler Bay, FL, call Air On Demand.