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Focus on Efficiency with Your AC Replacement


Comparing prices is a part of life for most American consumers. Finding the lowest initial price on a new appliance is often the most important thing to homeowners, and we understand why this is. However, we want homeowners to know that the initial price of an AC system is not the most important consideration when you’re in the market for a replacement.

We know a sudden replacement can be stressful, but we want to detail why it’s so important to focus on efficiency instead. Save more money over the life of your system when you follow our guide.

A Cheap System Can Mean Trouble

If an HVAC contractor offers you a price that seems too good to be true, there could be a reason. Most contractors cannot give you a quote without checking out your home or at least having you answer from a thorough list of questions.

An inexpensive system might be that way because it’s not the right size for your home or because it’s used equipment. Either way, the system may wear down quickly, failing prematurely and leading to higher bills through its lifespan. The installer may not have experience, and you might need repairs soon after the installation! We’ve seen it before; it’s so important to choose installers who know what they’re doing and want to get you equipment that actually fits your home.

Efficiency Helps You to Save Over Time

Choosing a system with a high efficiency rating means that you’ll save more money over the life of the system. In Florida, due to the high amount of usage AC systems get, the high efficiency rating should eventually offset the cost of the air conditioner installation, assuming it’s properly installed.

There Are Other Ways to Save

Look into other ways to save money on the installation if the initial pricing is your main concern. Credit cards may be an option for you, though financing is often available on approved credit through the contractor.

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